Every kitten is sold with a contrac.

Animal will live the house with health certificate up-to-date shots dewarmed, spayed/neutered.

It is understood that the degree of hairlessness in a Sphynx vary from cat to cat and that no feline is completely hairless. Fur on tail, feet, and face is common. It is understood that hormones and genetics play an important role in hairlessness and that even though a  kitten may be almost hairless when sold it is possible said kitten could develop some hair after being Spayed/Neutered or as they grow older. Reasons include but not limited to: weather and climate, and hormonal changes can have a bearing on growth.

We sell kittens only under condition that animals will be kept indoors as a loved member of the family,  will not be caged as a primary living arrangement , will never be declawed,  will receive all medical care needed and all the results of  it will be shared with  us and our vet, will receive high quality food (we recommend raw )